Our Advantage

River Point Farms’ domestic onions are grown in the rich, sandy soil of the Columbia Basin region of Eastern Oregon and Washington, an area noted for the best onion soil and climate in the world. The makeup of the soil ensures proper water and nutrient levels, resulting in extremely high quality and the lowest bacteria level of onions produced in the United States. (That’s a USDA fact).

Adding to our advantage is River Point Farms’ unique approach to crop planning.  We take into account the individual needs of our customers when designing production and storage needs, enabling us to provide unparalleled year-round service in today’s onion industry.  By contracting and selling products before we plant seed into the ground, we are able to stabilize our customers’ costs.  Utilizing this method has enabled us to become the large-scale, low-cost, high-quality producers that we are today.

We store our onions in high-tech, temperature-controlled facilities, and deliver them on a consistent basis, meeting each customer’s scheduling needs. With harvest occurring from June through September, we ship out of field during this time frame, after which we simply pull onions from our state-of-the-art storage facilities and ship them when you need them.

Our packing solutions include customized packs for our valued foodservice, industrial ingredient and retail customers, and we guarantee quality on delivery. We offer a variety of package options that both fit your needs and optimize bulb quality.

River Point Farms’ premium processed product line is customized to meet your specific food preparation needs.  Save on labor and increased shelf life with our numerous processing solutions.