Food Safety

When it comes to food safety, River Point Farms has long been an industry leader.
Food Safety

Food Safety is Our Priority

When it comes to food safety, River Point Farms has long been an industry leader. We can ship out all the onions we want, but if we don't do it in a manner that protects those consuming our products, our brand and reputation are on the line.

Here are some of the ways we keep customers safe:


We do pathogen testing on every 25 acres of product that we grow before we ever harvest the product


Our products have been evaluated for compliance, and we are Non-GMO Project verified


Our sister company and sole grower, AgriNorthwest, and our storage facilities are certified Global G.A.P. 


Our fresh pack processes are Primus GFS certified


Our fresh cut facility and processes are certified SQF Food Safety and Quality Code


Our onions are sampled and tested by a third party and contain no pesticide residues within the limits of laboratory detection


Self-audits are conducted to ensure sanitation requirements – for personal hygiene, employee training, and pest control – are being met


We have a robust environmental monitoring program performing more than 100 environmental swabs per week

Complete Traceability at a Glance

Our traceability program starts with all our onions coming from a single source – our sister company AgriNorthwest. Then we add lot coding and inventory management software so that every onion can be tracked from field to finished product. Data is captured at each step along the way – harvest, packing, processing, and shipping – to provide a readily available story of each onion’s journey.