Our Story

There is no better place in the world for growing onions.
Our Story

Quality Onions, Millions of Years in the Making

There is no better place in the world for growing onions. Location is one of the advantages we have at River Point Farms, and we know it. All our onions are grown in the Columbia River Basin, a region forged by millions of years of cataclysmic events, from tectonic shifts and volcanic activity to advancing and retreating glaciers, and monumental flooding. We are beneficiaries of this dynamic heritage that produced rich, sandy soil. Its fertile makeup ensures proper water and nutrient levels, and when combined with the region’s climate, it’s the perfect spot to grow onions.


Making the most of this good land are good people.

River Point Farms is one of the flagship operations of AgReserves, an international agriculture investment company with a farming and ranching legacy of nearly a century. Our sister company and sole grower, AgriNorthwest, has been a reliable producer of good food since 1968. That’s a lot of know-how on one team, a lot of experience you can trust. Add in our commitment to innovative technology, and together we are harnessing the vast potential of this land.

The result? Onions of the highest quality.

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