Our Farms

At River Point Farms, we’ve found the keys to producing nutritious, high-quality onions include choosing the best seeds and planting them in just the right way.
Our Farms

Quality Start Makes Quality Onions

We use university and breeder trials to select the varieties of seeds that fit our customers’ needs. To find the right matches, the varieties are evaluated in the following areas: 

Variety Evaluation:

Size profile
Storage life
Disease resistance
Single-center varieties
Skin retention and appearance 
Color (red, white, or yellow)
Irrigation type (pivot vs. drip)

Seed Varieties

Seed varieties meeting the needs head next to on-farm field trials, where they are evaluated under our standards of growing for yield, quality, and consistency. Only then, do seeds move on to be planted.

Planting Process

We prepare seed beds in the fall with wheat strips planted between each bed to prevent wind erosion. Beds are tilled in the spring just prior to planting to produce a mellow, weed-free soil. Vacuum and gravity cup planters are used to provide a single-drop seed at the desired spacing. Beds are then firmed behind the planter with a mesh roller to ensure good seed-to-soil contact. Finally, soil moisture is kept at the optimum level for germination and emergence of the onion seedling.

River Point Farms’ modern, climatized storage facilities, combined with a long harvest season courtesy of the Columbia River Basin’s arid climate, produce year-round supplies of onions while maintaining their high quality and freshness. 

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